Goals being worked on now:

  • Getting under 500lbs, 499lbs or lower. = Reward: Haircut and style, maybe even coloring.
  • Find a neutralist/dietitian = Reward: A better meal plan.
  • Get Glasses: Reward: Cool specs and be able to see better!

Goals Completed:

  • Got my own health insurance!
  • Got a Divorce!

Reward Ideals:

  • Nail Polish
  • Make Over
  • New Outfit
  • Hair Clip
  • A Book
  • BlueRay Disc or DVD
  • Something from my Just for Fun Amazon Wishlist
  • Manicure
  • Pedicure
  • Anime CON

Goals to work on:

  • Pay off all medical bills
  • Move into own apt
  • Start water aerobics
  • Start yoga
  • Get back to seeing a therapist
  • Have some kind of a garden
  • Make friends
  • Get a mini teacup Pomeranian
  • Lose first 100lbs
  • Get down to 130lbs
  • Work on my Social Anxiety
  • Visit my mom in Cali and let her meet her grandson for the first time ever.
  • Learn to drive
  • Visit Japan
  • Learn Japanese
  • Visit New Orleans
  • Write a book
  • Live/Own a Tiny House (but not too tiny)

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