Donations Welcome

So it was suggest I do this in hopes to come along further in my need to lose weight be it getting money for programs, certain foods or items to help me. With my husband not wanting to spend a dime on me and more then often not, I need to come up with some way to gather money. I have turned to online surveys contests and the such till my disability comes through. As well keeping my eyes open for a part time job I could handle but its hard trying to find something I could do with my size and anxiety issues. Still I have hope, but till then if anyone wishes to give me a hand I’ll be thankful too them.


All paypal donations are to be sent to the email addy:

Also check out my Wishlist if your wanting to get me something.

Mail ( I would adore letters or even postcards and such with weight loss tips, recipes or the best of all cheering me on. Sometimes there is just nothing like getting mail from a friend. You can email me at and if your wanting my home addy to send a special letter just email me and ask me first. If you  don’t seem like a scary stalker it would be cool to become penpals for real.)


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