My Health Problems

Morbidly Obese – Around 500lbs.

Sleep Apnea – I stop breathing in my sleep. Had to get a sleep apnea machine so I would not die in my sleep.

Social Anxiety – Scared of people, even them looking at me makes me nervous. With my medicine and a task to focus on am able to tune out people around me till they speak to me. So long as it’s not many people at once I can answer unless I see the person as a threat or they are speaking harshly to me. If I am unable to look at the floor due to it drawing more attention to me I’ll still not be able to look directly at them. Trusted people such as doctors that I like I cant hold eye contact for long. The only person I can remain eye contact with is my son.

Depression –  I take medication for this as well but I think if I had friends and family that was around me not letting me stay in my room all the time it would not be as bad as it is.

Compressed Spine – In my lower back due to my weight my spine is basically crushing down. This affects the joints and muscles making it painful to stand or walk for more than two minutes.  As well I also have trouble sitting on hard surfaces for too long. I have pain medicine but it does not help much, I as well have a walker. I was suppose to get a wheelchair too but my husband’s insurance would not cover both and people rather me walk as much as I can.  


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